Oasis Church

The Oasis is pleased to have our country chapel. This historic church which is over 100 years old still has its horse tank baptistery, original pews and pulpit. Our chapel is available upon request for weddings, anniversaries or other special events. Please contact management if you would like to reserve the Chapel as a group while you are here. Sunday services are held from 10:00am to 12:15pm. You are invited to join us for lunch after church as well.

The Birth Of The Oasis Cross Point Church: One of our goals a little more than seven years ago was to complete the Oasis Chapel.  With your help we were able to install the heating/air & ductwork, remodel the bathroom, upgrade the electrical power, install a sound system & dig a well. Our church body came together to plumb the Chapel, install the water pump system, lay landscaping ties, remodel the bathroom, help put in the underground sprinkler system and seed grass (it’s looking good) as well as put some of the finishing touches on the inside. We were excited to see how far the chapel had come and we anticipated how God desired to use it to display His splendor!

Small Group Becomes Church Body: Approximately eight years ago several families from our area started  traveling on Sunday mornings to the Sterling Cross Point Church. All of us had a desire to reach those who weren’t attending church in our community. When the idea of becoming a satellite site began to surface we sensed it could be the perfect fit for what we desired to do. And so began a wonderful partnership with the Westbrook Church community now known as Cross Point Church. It has been a special time for us as we see our young people (& old) desiring to hear and apply God’s word to their lives. After several months of meeting in the Bunkhouse we moved into the Oasis Chapel.

Building On:  A few years ago we began to ask God what we should do with our little church building… In our yearly 21 day fast we felt the Lord was calling us to step out in faith. One Sunday morning a video pastor shared that God moves in the supernatural when we move out in the natural. We felt that God was calling us to move out in faith and build on to our existing facility.  At the time we had $500.00 in the bank yet in faith we scheduled Miller Home Builders to come dig a basement on October 8 2013. Once we made that decision we received a call from a single mom in our congregation saying that her step mom died and she would have $35,000.00 to tithe toward the building project.  God was moving out in the supernatural as we moved out in the natural. Soon after Miller Home Builders began to dig the basement we had groups stopping by right and left to help keep the building process going. We did not want to deny help so we moved ahead with what help the Lord provided. There was more help than there were finances to move ahead so we prayed and prayed. God again moved… In one day we received a call from some friends in Wichita who shared that they were sending a check for $50,000.00 and a friend in California saying that he was sending a matching grant check for $28,000.00.  The building continued to go up debt free. As we moved ahead with the project we once again found ourselves in a situation where we were needing more finances to move toward finishing the building. We had weddings and other groups wanting to book the building but no money to finish the project… We got a call from Sterling College asking to use the Bunkhouse for a few days yet we had already booked Barclay college for one day in the middle of when Sterling needed to use the building. I phoned Barclay college and asked if we could move their day meeting to the church. In faith I told them that the building would be finished and ready for their use, the only problem was that we were out of money and the building was not done. Once again God moved in the supernatural as we moved in the natural. We got another check for $50,000.00 to move ahead. We were able to get the basement, which houses classrooms and a coffee lounge  along with the main floor fellowship hall/kitchen and youth rooms upstairs finished in time for Barclay to use the facility.                                                                                                                                                                                                                We ask that you would continue to pray for the work that God is doing through The Oasis Church. We never dreamed (or desired) to be used by God to plant a church but this partnership with Andy’s gift of communicating God’s Word is a perfect fit with the gifts God has given us. We want to seek His leading every step of the way and it has been a blessing to see God restore lives, draw people to His Kingdom and refresh old bones. We give God the Glory!

The Oasis Church/Cross Point Plevna Thrives!

For several years now a body of believers has been gathering here on the prairie to worship Jesus and to intentionally be community together. We are excited to extend an invitation for you to join us! Church begins at 10:00 am with a pot-luck lunch immediately following. You will find that we are a group of broken believers coming together to find our wholeness in Jesus Christ. Our dress is casual and our sanctuary is welcoming. We often say it’s not officially church until you smell popcorn and hear the spurs hitting the wood floors. Our Sunday sermons are provided through satellite by Andy Addis of Cross Point Hutch.  Wednesday night we come together at the church to meet for women’s bible study upstairs and men’s bible study in the prayer room.  Tuesday morning men’s bible study meets at Carolyn’s (Arlington) at 7:00 am. We look forward to seeing you soon!